how to create highly converting sign up forms in aweber information for intermediates marketing matters book 30 english edition - How to Create Highly-Converting Sign-Up Forms in Aweber: Information for Intermediates (Marketing Matters Book 30) (English Edition)

How to Create Highly-Converting Sign-Up Forms in Aweber: Information for Intermediates (Marketing Matters Book 30) (English Edition)


How to Create Highly-Converting Sign-Up Forms in Aweber: Information for Intermediates (Marketing Matters Book 30) (English Edition)

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If you’ve ever heard the phrase in relation to online marketing, “The money’s in the list,” the list they are referring to is an email marketing list. The first step for beginners is to create a list and an interesting offer. The second all-important step is to get people to fill in the form so you can start to market to them regularly through a range of informational and promotional emails.

The interesting offer will be the magnet that lures them, but the sign up form also has a great deal to do with whether or not they fill out their name and email address so they will become part of your email marketing list.

In this Information for Intermediates guide, you will build on your foundation in using Aweber to create attractive and highly-converting forms so you can grow your list rapidly and efficiently. Use the step by step instructions to:

Add new fields to your forms
Add values to your fields
Create all the different types of sign up forms available
Set the parameters for the different types of forms
Why you might wish to create at least 3 different types of form per email marketing list

and more.

Aweber is such a full-featured program that it is easy to get dazzled by all your choices on all the different menus. It can also be difficult for beginner and intermediate email marketers to understand which features are important for converting visitors into subscribers.

Look over the shoulder of 2 email marketing pros as they provide fully illustrated instructions on how to edit sign up forms in a matter of minutes. Create forms from basic, to beautiful. Edit them as needed for fully-customized and highly-converting sign up forms sure to attract the ideal customer in your niche.

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Learn about the importance of free funnels, how to construct them, and hints and tips for getting people on your list and also making them eager to hear from you.

Mastering the technical aspects of Aweber is important, but just the first part of creating sign up forms with power. Discover a range of email marketing best practices that will enable you to create forms that will go from “Yawn”, to “Yes, please!”

Download this guide, follow the steps, and see what a difference your gorgeous new forms will make to your conversion rate.

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Table of Contents

What’s in This Guide


1-The Money is in the List-The Importance of Email Marketing

2-The basics of a free funnel

3-Free Funnel Essentials

4-Start with a simple form

Part I: Create Custom Fields

Step 1: Log in to your Aweber account

Step 2: Choose an existing list, or create a new one

Step 3: Create a new form, or copy an existing form

Step 4: Add a custom field if you wish

Step 5: Providing instructions for the potential subscriber

Step 6: Set your list settings

Step 7: Publish your new customized form

Step 8: Monitor the performance of your new sign up form

Part II: Other Types of Forms to Create

Step 1: Create a Sign Up Form

Step 2: Explore your choices

Step 3: Create a Pop Over form

Step 4: Create a Lightbox form

Step 5: Create a Pop Up form

Part III: Creating a Split Test for Your Forms

Step 1: Create your next form

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Step 2: Create a split test

Step 3: Name your split test

Step 4: Set your percentages

Step 5: Publish the split test

Step 6: Track the results of your split test

Step 7: Run another split test if needed



Further Reading


About the Authors

Joan Mullally is the author of more than 80 small business and marketing guides. She has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and publishing.

Thomas Michaels has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 corporations. He is the author of more than 40 guides for marketers.


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